"In Too Deep"

[Intro: Russ]

[Chorus: Russ]
Probably f**k with chicas that I shouldn't, oh well
My ex hit me up, she's tryna f**k up the motel
Bullet holes in the wall [?]
No telling what the f**k is gonna happen
I swear I'm in too deep

[Verse 1: Russ]
In it too deep 'til I saw the one-three
On the side of the fence, ain't just leaving
Her dad told me bounce motherf**ker
You don't want problems up her motherf**ker
But I stay put, gang members as the neighbors
I don't blend in but the grape kush may just let 'em know what's up
Older sister, ex-gang member got me f**ked up
Blunts up in front of the baby daddy's house
All because I wanna get crazy and bounce
With the sister of an affiliate
Sipping liquor getting really tipsy, doing silly sh*t
Rollin [?] quick 'cause the cops roll by
Way more often than what I'm used to
Feel ashamed 'cause I got used to it
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