Nobody Knows


Mask up my pain, hold back my tears
I'm going insane; nobody knows
All by myself, let the rain hit me
I’m going insane; nobody knows

[Verse 1]
Yeah, I take another shot
Tryna just forget all the negative
Devil laughin', meanwhile God explaining the benefits
Listen financial freedom
Come and go as you please

Arenas packed out
Plus a bunch of hoes on their knees
You got your mom a house
Yeah, I know it seems bittersweet
Because your parents separated
You thought money sewed seams
Now you think it's your fault
You enabled the breakup
But that’s the power of money

Now you just funding the makeup
With the same tool that brought it down
Tell the waiter I don't want no ice
I just want tequila
I don't want it watered down
Everything I bought for y'all
I figured that I bought a crown
I figured that y'all know that you can get it since I got it now
I saw this goin' differently
I be lookin' at the seven year old me like don't come visit me
The public took the fun away
You’ve been robbed of all of your innocence
I’m talkin' to myself, I hope I’m listening, damn

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