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Young Wicked

"Outlined in Chalk"

[Verse 1: Jamie Madrox]
Drowned you in the undertow
All in search of antidotes
Something to relieve us from the condescending, overbearing b*t*hes selling rainbows
And Soundscan barcodes
Tell you what...
I've heard more heart come from an artichoke
Shadow bearer, my aura greyscale
Any measure they say killing's free
Cuz they know that the murder sells
All going to hell, but seems we've been here all along
So welcome home motherf**ker
Now you're outlined in chalk

[Verse 2: Boondox]
I choke these b*t*hes out they riches
With a rope made out of switches
Ridin' witches down on Webber Hollow
Underneath the bridges
In the boondocks
Where they're all summoned up by heathens
Seeking blood and retribution from a scarecrow demon
I rose up out the red clay
Them Georgia dirt roads
With a crow up on my shoulder and a hole for a f**kin soul
To join a group of misfits with the same type of interests
To kill all these sons of b*t*hes, we the f**kin' Magik Ninjas
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