Halloween 365 (Remix) lyrics

Young Wicked

[Hook: Jonathan Hellhouse]
Halloween 365
Halloween 365
Halloween 365

[Verse 1: The R.O.C.]
Yeah b*t*h I'm ole school
Razor off yo face rule
Number one don’t f**kin move
Cause if you do, I'll bury you
Monsters and ghouls come to stay
We do this sh*t like everyday
So, grab your knife let's go play
Watch blood spray and scream hooray

[Verse 2: Boondox]
Trick or treat I'm grippin heat
Its murder in the street
And I'm feelin incomplete
Unless I'm leaving tags on toes
Yeah, I keep that nine-millimeter on me
When I'm out here dumpin b*t*h
And this here bullet with butterfly wings
Gone smash yo pumpkin b*t*h

[Hook: Jonathan Hellhouse]
Halloween 365

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