Gruff Rhys
Space Dust #2
When I saw you in the seminar
Raindrops and fireworks flow
Active Volcano's aglow
I never heeded the warning
We fell in love by the morning light
In the middle of the afternoon
Head over heels for you love
In the middle of a crowded room
Lightning descends from above
In the quiet of the afternoon
Space dust engulfs us
In space dust
Tell me you're the only one for me
It's just a walk in the park
Told me you'd always be there for me
Things sometimes change after dark
You upped and left without warning
I had to work in the morning
Couldn't even look me in the eyes
You had your sungla**es on
Didn't even care to say goodbye
You didn't even answer the phone
You never called me at all
Space dust just breaks up and dies