Gruff Rhys
Oh Dear!
[Verse 1]
Early morning waking up
In the future, on computer
Take you to a coffee shop
Write a letter to feel better
Pixelated Gods is ours
Says no function, in completion
Of our tasks so day to day
Tooth decay will kill me off, oh dear

Oh dear
Oh dear

[Verse 2]
Apathy sings such a day
Faced by all the things
Sincerity plague my everyday
Life emotion, self promotion
All aggressive that is earned
Stand up proper, pull your socks up
Somehow is from here to there
No alternative of man, oh dear

Oh dear
Oh dear
[Verse 3]
In the ocean friends collapse
Of exhaustion, no precaution
Laugh up to a better plan
Skip when more to getting more rest
We are barons bayonette
My existence trumps absistence
To [?]
Sabotaged by arrogance and fear

Oh dear, oh dear
So near, so near
Goes clear
So near
Oh dear, oh dear
Oh dear
So clear
So dear
Draw near