Flavor Flav
Give Peace A Damn
Live it up

[Verse 1: Chuck D]
Two fingers up
Mother earth screwed up
Beautiful scenery
Betray that scenery
Pray to machinery
Tombstone cowboy
Start where your head at
Some wanna shout
Some gotta cut
Some get caught
Many fought
Get ‘em in court
Save my hood
But what good is my hood
When God say it’s no good?
It’s no good when its no God
Know God

[Hook: Sample, Flavor Flav]
Give peace a damn
Or we don’t stand a chance
Give a damn
Live it up

[Verse 2: Chuck D]
I get like Mingus
Ain’t askin' y'all to sing this
Every hood is the same
The only difference is the slang
Deeds of evil
Game changers
Evil salutations
To your mutations
Lotta nerve
To say you disturbed
Guess who’s coming to dinner
The same folks who picked your dinner
It don't sound like a winnin'
Only just the beginning
Respect the beginning
Peace to the world we all living in it