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DJ Premier Lyrics

Nairoberry (2018)

Pierdolona poezja z tytanu EP (2017)

POWER FU$E (2017)

Break (2016)

Dawn of Misery (2016)

DITC Studios (2016)

Fonzie's Free Formulas (2016)

Krackatoa (2016)

NBA 2K17: Park After Dark - DJ Premier (2016)

Eponymous Debut (2015)

OVO Sound Radio Tracklists (2015)

PRhyme Instrumentals (2015)

Timing Is Everything (2015)

A Giant Step (Single) (2014)

Cigar Society (2014)

Illmatic 20th Anniversary Tribute Mixtape (2014)

A Star in Life's Clothing (2013)

New York: A Love Story (2013)

Fizzyology (2012)

I.M. 4-Eva (2012)

MC(Mouthpiece Composer) (2012)

A Face In The Crowd (2011)

Beats That Collected Dust, Volume 2 (2011)

For The Record (2011)

Honoris causa (2011)

Soul Ultimate Experience Vol. 1 (2011)

Guru RIP (2010)

Return of the B-Girl (2010)

Enemy of the State: A Love Story (2009)

musikfürdiemankeinhirnbraucht (2009)

Rare Play Volume II (2009)

Beats That Collected Dust (2008)

Blaq Out (2008)

Each Dawn I Die (2008)

Otherside of the Game (2008)

Amerikkkan Black Man (2006)

You Already Know (2006)

Fastlife Music Presents: Code of the Streets (2005)

The ReggaeTony Album (2005)

Bootleg Volume C (Mixtape) (2003)

Pitch Black Law (2003)

Tha Konexion (2003)

This is Now (2003)

Who Feels it Knows (2003)

Kingz Kounty (2002)

Respect All, Fear None (2002)

Snoop Dogg Presents... Doggy Style Allstars Welcome To Tha House Vol. 1 (2002)

7 Days (Singles) (2001)

The Dirty Version (1999)

Metropolis Gold (1998)

Snatcha Season Pt. 1 (1998)

DJ Clue for President (1997)

Music Evolution (1997)

Suspended In Time / Tha Realness (Single) (1996)

Livin Proof (Single) (1995)

The D&D Project (1995)

Rugged Neva Smoove(Single) (1994)

2013: Raw Lyrics (Part II) (Official Mix-Tape)

A Night With The Homie's

Antidote Pt. 2

C.R.A.T.E Diggin' EP

Crept In Oh Bones Out

Day In The Life

Egyptian Summer

Elite 8


Feels Like I'm Talking To The Wall



King of the Trill II

Let's Try Rapping

Memento Mori

Morning Fog II

Og # 2

Ready to Live (10th Element of Hip-Hop)



Study Hall

Stuntin' In A Deficit

Tales from Fort Knox

The Antidote

The Arsenic Premonition EP

The Bridgeport Chronicles, Part One

The Legacy EP

The War Of Deep


Waiting For Yesterday

Other Songs

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