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"Come around (prod. opal)"

You do not break me
Yeah I break my self
I feel like I’m going out bad again
Everything, everything so bad
f*ck it, you look mad
Do not waste my time
You don’t come around
I see through I see through you
Waiting for you
Smoking CBD
ME not f*cking with you
That’s a flashback
Get my cash back
Like a strap back
Got it in my backpack

And we going strong
In the house and I’m bored
Think I’m going home
Posted up with the bros and you’re unknown
(I don’t give a f*ck)
Hide the drugs in a case
2k on my cellphone

Is it about the money
That sh*t hella funny
Now you’re free from me
Dompe got all them p’s

Go down on your knee
Why you scared of me

Know we gucci B
You so lazy

(f*ck you and your team, you so lazy)

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