Ella Lee - אלה לי

"Zot Ani (that’s me!) english ver."

I'm not looking for lovey-dovey
I don't want you here
I don't want your lovey-dovey so...

I want, I want, yes a phenomenal one
That I will take him with me to the valley and we will see the valley
He won't tell me "what do I think", won't tell me "what's up"
Because I'm a girl of nature, don't take me to the bar

I want someone who listens to me
And who will do everything that only I want
The type that doesn't care what they say
A little crazy one

Hey, that's me
If you don't know
Psycho is the thing
Hey, that's me
So deal with it
If you are not in this
I don't want you here

A little scratched(1)
Come learn the idea
I came to raise you a grade
A-Z (2)
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