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JackReynolds: Yay! First of all, how’s 2021 going for you?

Zealots of Stockholm: 2021 is off to a pretty slow start ngl; can’t say I saw myself still doing online school, but here we are! Grateful for everything as per and I’ve been spending a lotta time on this site too

JackReynolds05: That’s awesome! What’s your favorite part of 2021 so far?

Zealots of Stockholm: Honestly? Probably just going out on walks or for a long drive with my mom blasting out music haha, purely because we’re still in lockdown right now. I guess it’s made me more appreciative of the time I spend with her too, now that we’re forced to constantly be around each other.
^And that’s just because I know once it’s over we’ll both be back to our busy lives.

Zealots of Stockholm: I get it! I spend with my mom 24/7. I love her, but sometimes, I want to bang my head against the wall! But that’s not the point. What’s your favorite activity to do — other than listening to music, of course?

Zealots of Stockholm: No I totally get that haha. Asides from listening to music, before this whole pandemic I used to train bjj — brazilian jiu jitsu — and regularly compete. In retrospect, that definitely helped me build up my confidence and it was actually really fun to learn all these patterns in not only my movement, but my opponent’s. Can’t wait to hopefully get back into it soon! For now though, I like playing the guitar and piano :D

JackReynolds05:D! I’ve always wanted to play Piano and guitar but, not right now! Have you made any music?

Zealots of Stockholm: Y'know I had this biiig phase back in 2018 where I would used to be on my laptop 24/7 making beats. I got the chance to speak to a lot of producers in the game so I’m always thankful for that. Then I was part of a band for a short while – I’m not the greatest singer, so I’d help write the songs and come up with the melody. Nowadays, I still do a lot of songwriting. Who knows, I might just get my band back together!

Zealots of Stockholm: That’s cool! Ya'know, if you want to have your own music out there in the world — meaning Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, etc… — there is a website that allows you to distribute your music to the world FOR FREE! You can upload unlimited music and distribute unlimited albums/singles. The website is called SongTradr… just a thought…
Okay! Let’s talk about Genius. How did you find Genius?

Zealots of Stockholm: Thank you for linking me with that, I’ll check it out!
August 2020 I was just searching up the lyrics to a song, something by Marc E. Bassy, but to my dismay, the lyrics weren’t there! Shocking, right? So I transcribed that and then that was it. Until January 2021, when Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘drivers license’ came out. I don’t really keep up with pop culture so I was obviously really confused. Searched it up on Genius and there were no annotations! I ended up annotating that song and began talking to people in the community… The rest is history.

JackReynolds05: Lol! That’s awesome! What is your favorite part about Genius?

Zealots of Stockholm: Easily all of you guys, especially through communicating and getting to know everybody better from our beloved ScopeY’s ‘Get Involved! Vol. 5’

JackReynolds05: I would have to agree! ScopeY is pretty awesome! Is there anything Genius could do better on?

Zealots of Stockholm: Nah I can’t think of any improvements, the layout of the site and the way it functions is amazing. As a whole, and even community-wise, then it’s still a big no; I love how everyone stays true to themselves and is respectful towards others on this site!

JackReynolds05: That’s good! Do you see yourself a future in Genius — meaning being an Editor, or Moderator, or even a staff member?

Zealots of Stockholm: I'm currently being mentored to become an editor so that’s something I can see myself being for sure, just have to keep working hard for it and get used to implementing these changes into my writing. Moderator or staff member? I honestly don’t know. Mainly because of how challenging it may be to balance Genius with school and even my job because that’s something I know I need to get in a few months time. Time will tell.

JackReynolds05: Time sure will tell! Who is your favorite artist?

Zealots of Stockholm: Hm if I had to choose one, it’s gotta be Kanye all the way!

JackReynolds05: Nice! I’ve never listened to Kanye’s music, but, I might give that a try sometime! Since it is almost Valentine’s day, who — real or fictional — would you want to have a date with?

Zealots of Stockholm: I definitely recommend his music, I love his creativity and versatility, plus he can actually be a very smart guy.
And damn, that’s tough! If I could go on a date with someone it’d be pretty boy flacko, A$AP Rocky :D
Kinda looking like I’m obsessed with him through my profile pic and background oh no I should’ve thought that through-

JackReynolds05: Lol! It’s all good! I totally get it!
With that being said, this wraps up our interview! First of all, thank you for letting me interview you! Second of all, you’re very funny! Thanks, again!

Zealots of Stockholm: Aw no worries, thank you again for reaching out to interview me, I really appreciate that! You’re a great guy, I hope you have a good weekend, and that’s cool, thanks!

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