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The Darkness

"Deck Chair"

[Verse 1]
We had not long set sail
When  a gust of a gale
Whisked  my poor deck chair away
Into the brine
This blusterous swine
Stole  something precious from me, that day
What  will I sit on
Now that my chair's gone?
Where  will I rest my behind?
Who will cradle me
Through the stormy seas
Of life and of time?

La  vie
Le temps
La mort
(Oh, my old deck chair)
Qui te bercera?
(Well, my deck chair)
J'appartiens à Poseidon
(Ooh, my deck chair)
Le vent est ton tempérament
Mon amour

[Guitar Solo]

[Verse 2]
I stand here alone
For I have not a throne
Surveying the swell for a sign
The seat I relied on
Belongs to Poseidon
She is Neptune's, not mine

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