The Darkness

"We Are the Guitar Men"

[Verse 1]
Were it not for my guitar, my hands would both be idle
My  brain, suicidal
For  I would not have an outlet for the tidal wave of feelings
In my heart
When I'm trying not to cry
I  grab her by the neck
And  strike her with a plectrum
A life without accompaniment would wreck me
So,  I hope we never part

Give me a guitar, an extension of my soul
Hold her in my arms and I lose control
(He is the guitar man)
She  completes me, makes me whole
We are the guitar men
Long live rock and roll

Aaah aaah
Aaah aaah

[Verse 2]
When I cannot find the words
My fingers will articulate
The pain, the joy, the love, the hate
So, listen as my instrument
Dictates a memorandum to the throng
How I love my sweet guitar
To the luthier, I owe a debt
Of gratitude for every fret

For when I hold my baby in my arms
I get the feeling I belong
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