Change for Me lyrics

KB Mike

I put my heart on the line for people who wouldn’t do the same for me
Like why I thought you was different why I thought you would change for me
I gave you nothing but loyalty how you gon f**k me over
I had yo back & you snaked me when I thought we was getting closer
Even met my OG yall bonded i’m sad to say you left me
But don’t come back when you realized i’m real you should of kept me
You ditched me for somebody else you knew wouldn’t ride for you
We was so real you watched my front I had the back of you
Now I don’t trust nobody else
Don’t wanna love nobody else
I said f**k love when you left
Don’t try to miss me cuz ain’t there
Ain’t love for you to leave me
But you gon be back when you need me
& I know loving ain’t easy but I kept it real
I shoulda played you like them others so you see how I feel
Why do me wrong I was solid coulda stayed to myself
My friends used to tell me leave you but I could not care
& I don’t care what you say
All that love you had was fake
& I’m happy you went away
Maybe we needed this break
It’s sad to say I trusted you
Wish I ain’t f**k with you
I’m mad I even got attached to you like damn I shoulda lied to you
But i’m so real it just ain’t me
I give my love to all the people who don’t give me any
Tryna find the pieces to my heart it’s just too many
& it hurt the most you let me down
But that’s just another L that come around
I know that we had problems that we wasn’t working
Maybe it was cuz of me & maybe it wasn’t worth it
I was all good by myself I wanna know what was your purpose
You was supposed to heal my heart but only thing you did was hurt it

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