b*t*h I'm in Dubai
Pull up with the chopstick
Bloody up yo knees like yo ass in a mosh pit
Speedin' through the streets
Gettin' spiked by a cop, sh*t

Never seen this side of me, never seen this side of me

Who you think you talkin' to, you mo'f**kin Gemini
Pick a f**kin' side, pick a f**kin' side
See atomic bombs fallin' from the f**kin' sky
Know I cause a riot when I pull up to Dubai

[VERSE 2: Trippy Tha Kid]
Ghost ridin' the whip
While I'm standin' on top of it
b*t*h I'm in Dubai
Smokin' blunts, I'm in my rocket ship
My pockets sick, stuffed so full they boutta puke
You ain't scarin' f**kin anybody, whatchu tryna do?
Stop f**kin' talkin' if you hatin' on my f**kin' moves
Not a single rapper in my lane in the f**kin' booth
I should watch my mouth
Runnin' it up I'm ready to bounce
Ready to get it, I'm ready to pounce
Look at this money, I'm buyin' a pound

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