Pearl Jam

"Grievance - Live in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 19-June-2000"

[Verse 1]
Have a drink they're buying
Bottom of, bottle of denial

[Chorus 1]
Big guy, big eye, watching me
Have to wonder what it sees (Sin)
Progress laced with ramifications
Freedom's big plunge

[Chorus 2]
Pull the innocent from a crowd
Raise the sticks then bring them down
If they fail to obey, oh, if they fail to obey

[Verse 2]
For every tool they lend us
A loss of independence

[Chorus 3]
I pledge my grievance to the flag
Because you don't give blood... to take it back again
Oh we're all deserving something more

[Chorus 1]
Progress, taste it, invest-it-all
Champagne breakfast for everyone
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