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Yeah, brr, woo
Mwah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, she wanna kick it like Liu Kang
See this, I'm whippin' the Grand Rapide like a 2019 Mustang (Skrrt)
She wanna ride the di*k on camera like a star, eat it like a mukbang (Eat it up, eat it up, eat it up)
I put a silencer on the pistol, make it whisper like ASMR (Mwah, pew, pew)
n*ggas was lying 'bout money, I had to hang 'em from the cliff like I'm Scar
Ridin' around with a chopper loaded, when I let it off sound like Mufasa (Rrah)
Cheat on your woman crush Wednesday, he treated her good and I treat her like Jocelin (Smash)
She did a molly in the lobby of the Fontainebleau and popped a blue dolphin (Ooh)

Sweet lean (Ooh, ooh)
Sweet dreams (Hey, ayy)
Sweet, sweet (Sweet, ayy, ayy, ayy)
Sweet (Mwah)
She suck it clean, clean (Yeah, yeah)
That molly sweet, sweet (Woo, woo)
She doin' clean here (Hey)
Sweet, sweet (Hey)
Yeah, my baby sweet
And my drink sweet (Sweet)
Sweet, sweet (Woo)
Yeah, yeah

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