Young Sam
Goofy Goober
X4 Yeah...
Papa Sam...
Young Sam...

[Verse 1: Papa Sam]
Look the fuck out, Can't walk, only hear voices (talk)
Talking shit about a real man, a real man ain't got shit to say
Till he popped they can, Trust me I know I can
Feel like i'm going to puke my guts out
Shouldn't have taken that pill, fuck you drive up the hill
Don't ever kill cause I can't do the time, but I still grind (aye)

[Verse 2: Young Sam]
Sam still grind... Pull up with the nine
Draco on me it's extended, came up unexpected
Well represented, bars extensive, lean cup fermented
A couple goofy goobers ran up got tempted
Hit them with the buckshot, red dot made them flip
Brought her back to my place and petted her G spot (AYE)

[Hook: Young Sam & Papa Sam]

Goofy Goobers on my fucking cock! (COCK!)
(On my..)
Goofy Goobers on my fucking block! (Block)
(On my..)
Time to wet them up we got shots! (Bububububow!)
(COCK! COCK! cuck... COCK!)
Goofy Goober! (Uber, Uber)
Uber! Riding around in a uber, Goober! (Cock!Cock!)
(Bububububow!) Riding around in a uber, Goober (Bububububow!) Goofy Goobers on my fucking cock