Young Sam
I got your girl like
I got your girl like. [x3]
[verse 1]
Hit it from the back till she scream out stop
Homegirl like it rough so I beat it like a cop
Put her on top tell her toot her sh*t
And if she wants sex she can use my d**k
I be eating her clit when a n***a so hungry
Your boyfriend don't so his girlfriend want me
Call me and I'll make it juicy
You can just do you and watch her do me
House or jacuzzi car or the movies
Beat it so much that shawty wants to sue me
Lick it like a envelope and mail my d**k
In her pu**y I'm a go hard never shall
Be a rookie
I got your girl like [moans] [x10]
[verse 2]
Yeah I'm young sam and I like eating coochie
Only for my main girl never from a groupie
Jumps in her pu**y and my head go down
If it smell like water I'm a eat it right now
Got ya girl making sound thats her on the beat
Walk into my house that's her the my sheets
She heard I was weak but she knew that was fake
I threw my d**k in her only half she can take
I'm glad we can make the bed shake
Like a earthquake pu**y so good
I love how desert taste
I I eat it ti'll I can't no mo
Girl lift them legs like lambo doorz
Let me just put it right in yo hole
Now there she goes sliding down that pole
Oh babygirl let me eat
Feed me pu**y or feed me beats!
I got your girl like [moans] [x10] [till fades]