Young Sam
Hit My Catda
Hit my cat daddy and a n***a start juicin'
Girls gone choose any n***as loosin'

[Verse 1]

Umm Young Sam back with a hit
No Christmas but I got this gift
And ask this flow now it ain't funny
Beat the beat up like it owe me money
Yea, I make your girlfriend happy
Hit my cat daddy then my dog like scrappy
Then I start juicin' and I ain't drinkin'
Yea im the sh*t, but no I ain't stinkin'
Take your girl, catch you when you blinkin'
Money keep growin' yo sh*t keep shrinking
Haha when I was young I was that kid
Now im grown
Now a n***a do it big
King of J*rk
If he wanna' replay
Youtube j*rk that was me on the freeway
Girls gone choose and you n***as loosin'
Hit my Cat Daddy and a n***a start juicin'


[Verse 2]

Ok hit my Cat Daddy and then a n***a start juicin'
J*rkin ain't dead because im still in the movement
And I do it big like fat folks
Been had money and yall flat broke
Umm break them off no Kit Kat
Without sayin' an word no chit chat
And im fly airplane status
All the way turnt' up just like Travis
Still wanna' six nine a n***a she with it
Booty got swagg so I baseball hit it
Young Wayne Gretzky because im iced out
Chains so bright that is shines like a light house
Never go left and I only take the right route
And I go in while yall stay out
Girls gone choose and you loosin'
Hit my Cat Daddy and a n***a start juicin'