Young Sam
Yoka (Freestyle)
[Verse 1: Young Sam]
See I be riding with that chopper, yeah that's my buddy bitch;
Blood gang bullets, shoot you till' you're bloody bitch;
Snitches get stiches, so keep your mouth zipped;
S.O.D bitch, that's who I'm fucking with 'Leggo'
Chopper lay you down, to the ground, hundred rounds;
Keep a pound of that kush, throw away that Bobby Brown;
I be smoking like Jamaicans, eyes looking Asian;
Middle finger up high, fuck you if you hating;
Quit debating on your future, I'mma have to come and change it;
Shoot your head up off your shoulders, now it's time for new arrangements;
Keep that forty on my hip, shoot a n***a til' he plankin;
Saying he's the shit, shoot him up, now he's stinking yup;
Bitch I'm so so tatted up, keep that nine don't add it up;
Subtract this like that n***a dead, two to the chest, one to the head;
I done came in the game from the bottom;
Lookin for the top n***a then I finally got em', now a n***a on can't tell me shit;
Chain so cold shit and my wrist [hahh], switch flow up but I still put it down;
And I ride around town with a straight and a pound, any n***a want beef;
Better hide in a bush, cuz they about to get smoked, like this kush;
Blow them trees, like a breeze, get it free, spend no cheese;
Got a bad bitch grow all my weed, six gram blunt, all I need;
[Hahh] Then I'm on another planet, pass that mocha like I'm Spanish;
I said I'm on another planet, pass that mocha like I'm Spanish bitch;
[Yoka Honax5] I'm in the motherfucking building ho;