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Method Man

"Bridge Boys"

[Intro: Method Man]
Rockness, what up?
Ron Browz, what up?
Staten Island, what up?
Hanz, what up?
Apple, what up?
Time to go in, hah

[Verse 1: Method Man]
Feel the tension when I walk into a room
Watch your step and watch your tone, boy, you talkin' to a goon
Been a problem since them oldheads was snortin' off the spoon
Half you rappers gettin' short bread and offered Lorna Doones
Put a ratchet on your forehead, I'm talkin' to baboons
I remain a Major Payne if you ain't part of my platoons
I'm a warhead, you know, big explosion with the 'shroom
It's the sandman, they hopin' I dont show up with the broom
That's a sweeper
They knockin' at your door, that's the reaper
With lead arms all around your head, that's a sleeper
Rappers paranoid, that's the reefer
I mean if she a bad broad and let you raw dog, that's a keeper
My sisters, they don't rock with my dad, my moms either
Now I'm here with Rock, I'ma dad with mom's features
Ironic, I never make a threat that I couldn't promise
Be honest, I'm dope and I ain't never spoke ebonics
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