The Vicar of Barrington Mill lyrics

The Dreadnoughts

[Instrumental intro]

He buttons the front of his fine winter coat
And climbs up the hill,
Climbs up the hill
Ascends to the pulpit and clears out his throat,
The Vicar of Barrington Mill

Here's where he watched the parading,
The fine and the bold and the true
Here's where he sent a young maiden
To give a white feather to you

It sold revelations, twenty one [?]
Bitter and shrill,
Bitter and shrill
They all turn and look as you stare at your feet,
The Vicar of Barrington Mill


Here's where he'll dance on the treetops,
Here's where he'll butter his bread
Here's where he'll stare at the raindrops
As the shells pour down on your head
And when the war's done
And his heroes lie dead. Silent and still,
Silent and still
He'll toddle off safely and die in his bed,
The Vicar of Barrington Mill

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