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It's the sixth year at Hogwarts for Allison Mayhem. With her friends being the Golden Trio and Luna Lovegood, she's on top of the world. Being a Gryffindor and also on the Quidditch team, she takes much pride within herself. With only Luna knowing that her whole family is death eaters, she has to hide it from everyone else. Draco Malfoy on the otherhand is the typical bully. The two knowing one another for years, they still can't stand each other. And when Allison is forced to become a death eater just as Draco is, they are forced to become closer. Even when Allison doesnt want anything to do with him. Their forced relationship makes her fall harder for him. And their tasks create a bond that wont be able to be separated.

~ A Draco Malfoy Love Story

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