Chapter one: The Half Blood Prince lyrics


~Allison Mayhem~

When I saw the train, I wasn't sure if I was ready. It was my sixth year at Hogwarts, which meant one more year and I was done. And that definitely is a scary thought considering Hogwarts has been my home for quite some time now. I mean six years? That's a long time. It was weird trying to imagine my life without it all, honestly. It had truly become my home, and the thought of never returning, was pretty terrifying. Ever since I was sorted into Gryffindor, always found that strange because both of my parents are dеath eaters and werе in house Slytherin. But nope, guess me good always comes out of the bad. They weren't too thrilled with the idea of their daughter not carrying on their legacy in the school, but I didn't care, I was proud of my house and what we stood for, and maybe I was a little biased, as most Slytherin's could be, well, not the greatest toward others, but truthfully, Gryffindor was perfect for me.

As I climbed aboard the train, holding my robe in my arms, I walked over to the Ravenclaw section. Immediately, I began to search for my best friend, who happened to be a Ravenclaw, so I constantly found myself more on that side. It was easy to spot her, as her long golden hair waved behind her just as she popped her head out to see if I was coming.

"Hey Luna." I smiled as I approached the cabin door, entering and taking my seat inside next to her.

"Allison!" She cheered as she reached over and hugged me in a warm and welcoming embrace. Luna truly gave the best hugs. The type of hugs you crave when everything in the world feels so upside down. The two of us talked for quite sometime, mostly about our summer and what was to come with Hogwarts, since it seemed surprises were always in store. Shortly after we talked for a while, Harry, Ron and Hermione joined us. Piling in and sitting across. Harry looked as though something was bothering him. I mean, don't get me wrong, he kind of always had that look on his face, but I could definitely tell something more was going on.

"Hey guys." I smiled, excited that we were all reunited once more. My parents always hated the fact that I knew them. Even if they didn't know how close we all truly were, they still didn't even want me to be civil. But that was typical for my family. Kindness was weakness in their minds, and as they loved to say, lions never concern themselves with the opinions of sheep. Which also made me laugh, considering Gryffindor's whole sigil is a lion.

"Hey." They all greeted in unison as the train began to depart from the platform. The five of us conversed throughout the ride. At first, it was playful, as Ron and I threw food at each other, attempting to catch whatever was thrown our way, in our mouths, and we both were known for the amount of food we could shovel in at once, but we had no shame ror it. It didn't take long though until the conversation had grown uncomfortable when Harry began to make accusations about Draco being a deatheater.

"What would he be doing in Borgin and Burkes then? Browsing for furniture?" He asked us all, as I began to shut down. This was usually how it went when conversations of death eaters and Voldemort were brought up. I never knew what to do in these situations, as I could never say too much, and holding back the truth from my friends was a difficult task.

"It's a creepy shop, he's a creepy bloke." Ron shrugged, still unconvinced, as I tried to act as normal as I possibly could by tossing a jelly bean in his direction, laughing as it bounced off his chin and onto Hermione's lap.

"Ronald, seriously?" She remarked, annoyed at, as she would say, our childish behavior.

"Look, all l'm saying is it's oddly suspicious." Harry continued on, sitting pretty firm in his beliefs. Which, he of course, wasn't entirely wrong of his accusations, but was I going to announce that to them all? No. "I'll be right back." He told us, as he stood from his seat.

"Where are you possibly going?" Hermione questioned. My roomie was of course Hermione. I never had a problem with that because she and I were both the brains of the school. Even though I liked to hide it with my sense of humor, which seemed to sometimes drive her nuts, but I couldn't help it. I liked to make jokes in uncomfortable situations AndI was definitely known for mouthing off and getting detention, but McGonagall loved me anyways.

"To get some fresh air." A simple statement sufficed for him, as he left the cabin and wandered off to wherever, as it didn't make much sense as to how he would get fresh air when he's stuck inside a train. And the train ride had felt longer than usual, especially since Hermione kept questioning where Harry could have gone, but we all knew he was always wondering off to do something peculiar, as he'd usually rave about it later on.

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