Lie to me


Hope that you know that I still love you dearly I never did wanna move on and every second that passes without you is simply a second too long

Im sorry they i wasn’t there when you needed me baby I know I was wrong I wish I could go back and fix but how can I do that if I’m dead and gone

Well I meet again in a place they call heaven and it’s free of all evil deceit and hate I don’t feel worthy of being her but I’m so grateful that I’m on a peaceful state

Honestly I thought that I would be punished just sent out to drown in a sea of flames everything turned out okay but for now I’m alone until I get to see your face

Stay up and battle and fight the pain cherish your life don’t die in vain normally angels are light of day i need you more than I can say

Just do your best while I’m away I’m watching you as you cry and pray I’m watching over you try and be safe for now if you need me stop be my grave

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