My last song 😓


[verse 1]
It’s all for nothing, everything I’ve done
Drowning under water, thinking what have I become
I can’t feel a thing, f**k, I think I’m going numb
Maybe I’m insane, I’m just not enough

[verse 2]
Crying out for help, but this isn’t an act
I been broken, I feel hopeless, damn it!
This is a fact, it’s like why you think I always spill my pain on these tracks?
Because I’m running from myself, I write this sh*t to relax

[verse 3]
Maybe I was made in somebody’s imagination
Listen, you don’t know me, you’re not in my situation
There’s things going on here that need examination
And nobody but me will ever know that information

[verse 4]
I lost certain things that will never be restored
Everybody’s leaving me, my life’s an open door
It saddens me to say this but, when it rains
It pours, how do I survive in the eye of your storm?

[verse 5]
How can love exist
If there’s no one that expresses it?
Everybody’s hurt and I look for the evidence
Suicide is something
That’s becoming too repetitive
Do I got the will to keep going on?
That’s a negative fact

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