The Hood Internet
LSD (The Hood Internet Remix)
[Intro: Sample (Skip Haynes)]
Ain't no road just like it
Anywhere I found
Running south on Lake Shore Drive heading into town

[Chorus: Sample (Skip Haynes)]
I'm slippin' on by on LSD
Skippin' on by on LSD, I'm
Trippin' on by on LSD, Friday night trouble bound

[Verse 1: ProbCause & Sample (Skip Haynes)]
I'm lost
Take a walk to the lake to ease my mind and I wander off
Tryna get up in my own zone no I don't really want to talk
Laid back in the gra** looking up at marshmallow clouds
And the sunshine loud but the tree give shade and I'm way too high
Wanna thank this day wanna make that point that it could've been great
Could've been bad, could've lost our way
But we still here and we just won't fade
See so clear when I'm in this place
Life is a drug so take a taste
Lucy Lucy Lucy in the sky with diamonds who I chase
Purple haze, purple hearts, Mellow Yellow, hello y'all
Electro Kool Aid cool me down
Strawberry fields where I make my rounds
Pick 'em off, eat them fresh
It's that life and I feel so blessed
I know there's stress, but I don't wanna hear that mess
This that nest and I feel the effects, yes
And I really wanna make this day go go forever (Ain't no road just like it)
These revelations got me seeing life like I have never (Ain't no road just like it)
So sublime, so just unwind and take this trip with me (Ain't no road just like it)
There's something in the water here, lakefront crusin' on LSD

[Chorus: Sample (Skip Haynes)]
I'm slippin' on by on LSD
Skippin' on by on LSD, I'm
Trippin' on by on LSD, Friday night trouble bound

[Verse 2: Chance The Rapper]
Junkie loser, spunky Punky Brewster
Pockets chunky like they eating Harold's crunchy rooster
I'mma bungie jumper, just wish my knot was looser
Just wish my knots was not though, hang out, my nights in nooses
Na na na na hey hey hey goodbye T**ans, get outta here
The god is here, Zeus I Love Lucy deuce me I'm outta spirits
And we outta beers, and my ears been tripping
I know some kids been dropping, I know your tears been dripping
I had an IEP, I'm supposed to be retarded
Now I'm all on the web, I had to Peter park it
Still steal from Neiman Marcus, I still get beats from Markus
I still get deep on records, that's just that Greek catharsis
Just when it seems the darkest, is when it usually peak
And when it seems the farthest, is when it's usually sweet
I only shop on Friday, that's when it's usually cheap
They said they used to old dudes, well that ain't usually me

[Interlude: Samples (Bill Hicks & Skip Haynes)]
(Ain't no road just like it) Same LSD story every time
(Ain't no road just like it) and we've all heard it. "Young man on acid thought he could fly,
(Ain't no road just like it) jumped out of a building. What a tragedy."
[Chorus: Sample (Skip Haynes) & Chance the Rapper]
I'm slippin' on by on LSD (I'm tripping!)
Skippin' on by on LSD, I'm
Trippin' on by on LSD, Friday night trouble bound

Trouble bound