The Hood Internet
Please, No Pictures
[Refrain: BBU]
When we out with Miley Cyrus smoking a bong
Please, no pictures
When you see me with your moms getting it on
Please, no pictures
When you see us at shows making fun of White folks
Please, no pictures
It's Black, Brown, and Ugly and the Puerto Rican cousins
Please, no pictures

[Verse 1: Kool AD]
Das Racist, BBU
What it do
What it is, more cla** than your school
Last name deficit, first name cool
Middle name attention
See me in detention
Sparking with the little Mama yes, Ms. McClarkson
I think I lost my mind now it's on the milk cartons
On the Dolly Partons
Mommy telling me I am the man like Martin
Hello, it's the martian
High yellow Tarzan, big little large man
With all of my fam like the bars man
Fifteen dollar necklace looking ethnic
More hippie groupies than Arrested Development
Biddy-ba-ba-ba biddy-ba-ba-ba biddy-ba-ba-hey-ho
What can I say-ya
How can I say no
But if you wanna book a show you got to pay dough
No Playdough, solo pesos

[Verse 2: BBU]
It's Epic b*t*h
What the f**k you want
The ba** kicking like 12 midgets in the trunk
Let me out of here
Chi don't dance no more, all we do is hump
Go to Taco Bell and walk out eating Pizza Hut
This track is fetal smut
Yeah, I'm illegal what
Jan Brewer (That's racist) this little cracker sl*t
Got black folks saying Latinos got it rough
Damn girl, even BP pa** the buck
Guess after the Obama sh*t you woulda had enough
Gather all the Mexicans, follow all they next of kin
Sh*t, we locking up anybody with ethnic skin
I'mma stop cause my verse is irrelevant
Rappers aren't intelligent (A-B-C-D-E-F)
Waka Flocka Flame, we go hard in da paint biaatch


[Verse 3: BBU]
Here we go yo, here we go yo
What's the scenario
Get your hands high like some Cali dro
And it smell like it came straight from the Valley bro
Yeah I got that gutter, street-f**king alley flow
You don't want a battle yo
BBU and DR got the place going HAM
Like Epic said that ba** kicking so hard
Call that sh*t Van Damme
Damn, I am the man
Man, you can't understand sit down, man
Head in the clouds, when will I land
Lan, I don't know man I don't know man
When I come down you can hand us the crown
Kings of the underground
RIP to Pimp C
We the best to put it simply
So we don't f**k around, kinda like a sonic boom
Street fighter, heat rider
Not a flow, but a beat writer
Damn why they want to stick me for my paper, man
[Verse 4: Heems]
It's an urban disaffected ethnic youth
Headlines re-dos hoppin boot drop troop
Yeah, that financial aid flow
White girls dads like just say no
Catch me at the crib listening to Halo
I'm so excited Jessie Spano
Like uh uh, you see me dude
It's DR plus BBU
White Boy God complex on the beat
Hood Internet run these streets
Young Richard Hell, old Jay-Z spacing
He belong to the blank generation
At the forefront of ground philosophical theory
All-black Lasik, 20/20 clearly
I sleep light on these shores
F**k with BBU cause them other cats are poor

Please, no pictures
Please, no pictures
Please, no pictures
Please, no pictures

[Verse 5: BBU]
I'mma show these f**kers how to play the race card
Do the Nat Turner uh Andrew Breitbart
Expose all you phonies for the way you act
Wanna claim America but rock confederate flag
All you motherf**kers best praise the Lord
Shirley Sherrod, don't go Nidel Ha**an
Go to Fox News kill you all
Die motherf**ker die
Can't right these wrongs when I write these songs
I'd rather write these songs that say f**k you all
Yo BBU and Das, White America's karma
It's like Reaganomics meets Black Power
Mix of bell hooks and Iran Contra
Pulled in AIPAC shout I'll free Gaza
Jackson minuteman, yo viva la raza
Can't stop bringing down that high yellow drama
Detroit Red comma black medical like a young Obama
Please no pictures