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Sauce Walka

"New Sauce City"


New Sauce City, n*gga


Balenciaga, double cups, Louis headphones
My daily drip is in a whole different timezone
Walking around these concerts I see so many rhinestones
Seeing so many of these rappers on these festivals with no home

How you rocking major shows but wearing rented clothes?
Calling Ubers up outside every session of a studio
Get that new advance, you shining bright like a new movie role
But once you don't recup' and quarters pass, your career on hold

And that was what you didn't read in bold
But you didn't know, cause you was ready to sell your soul
Pack your bags and hit the road, smoke some weed, f*ck some hoes
Getting lost in your image, now you're sniffing coke, pierced your nose

Funny thing is, that wasn't how it was supposed to go
But you just a young artist, how you supposed to know?
He was looking for inspiration, and somewhere to glow
Now no one [?]

As you ought to know
None of your business in this game you will get caught to know
Shot down, ours to know
Or be like all rappers, broke
Either way, n*gga, you will leave this game a joke

Leave this game a joke
Louis V Crosstrainers, rearranging coat
I bought a house in Miami and exchanged the boat
Y'all better start banging money how y'all banging smoke


n*gga, bang money how you banging smoke
And a lot of y'all n*ggas ain't even got smoke in your throat

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