Sauce Walka

"King Kong Killa (Lil Boosie)"

[Verse 1]
Godzilla, King Kong killa
This the sound of fire comin' from the tongue, n***a
[?] a black man from [?], n***a
To ownin' trees in the neighborhood he was hung, n***a
What that's called is ownership
Ain't no leasin', no frontin', no loanership
n***as just buyin' foreigns, I own a ship
I invested in scooters, electric chips
I'm Chamillionaire, extra drip
Everyday, I ride dirty, that's every trip
Best make sure that they foolin', that's every clip
They ain't think I would make it, well look, we here

We here, yeah

[Verse 2]
All up in they face, Louis V. suitcase
Up in Bank America, I do not do Chase
I do not do race
Ran a marathon on 'em, no shoelace
All of my dudes straight
[?] up, we just do ace
We just [?]
Now I'm buyin' cars and I got two plates
I live in two states
In my residence, they stoppin' the new face
Guarded by two gates
Walk up in Louis store, buy the new shades
Millionaire [?]
I'm livin' like Boosie
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