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Sauce Walka

"Splashtown State of Mind"


I done seen so many fall to crime
I done see the stiffest n*ggas catch a case with no money and still drop a dime
Blood don't compare to no snake, I am not your slime
I’m a real blood I bleed like the octagon

I shot Skoot and Box for mine, slept on house blocks for mine
War with crips for years but now they drip for me when we slide
Got respect on every side cause I done pressed every line
Went against my own n*ggas when they showed me double signs

I ain't cut no corners in these streets to make my bonus
I'm transforming young n*ggas from workers into owners
Into keepers from loan-less, brilliant thinkers from stoners
n*ggas that thought that their futures were over receiving trophies

Eating dinners with Sophies, buying new houses, cozy
My music making people evolve and kill they old me
Stack up and help your homies if they don’t follow keep strolling It's hard to tell a G-Shock n*gga that he's a rollie

It's hard to tell a Toyota b*tch that she's a 'Rari
You could put her body in the shop but the motor still sorry
The only rapper wearing pink Vlone from Bari
I got so many rap sons I should probably kill Maury

You could never compare a PlayStation to a Atari
You n*ggas game old as f*ck y'all still buying Rover trucks
I done seen mountains in Iceland that wasn't cold as us
Suicide bombers in ISIS that wasn’t bold as us

Metal ain’t no folding us I still ain't met a hoe I trust
I be testing b*tches character, no Walt Disney bus
You better have yo act right if Ima bring you back right
Or get your number blocked and body slammed, that’s a jack knife, I'm that nice

I only f*ck with black b*tches that act white
Or ghetto bad b*tches trying to elevate from that life
How can I keep success if my b*tches ain't that bright
That's like trying to fly a string in the sky without no kite

Is that right?
All my b*tches happy ain’t no cat fights
If my b*tch get mad she go to work and then go snatch ice
My life is a gamble ain't no way that Ima snatch dice
Maybe out in Vegas but it must be for the right price

One thing that's for sho my money ain't touching the floor
Because that's where it came from, out the mud or a hoe
Out a floor or a show, gotta save before you score
Cause the street referees don't play the same no more


sh*t Sho
sh*t ain't real no more on Sauce

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