Slime In Chalk lyrics

Sauce Walka

[Verse 1: Sada Baby]
I just trunk too much rum, dumped the 8 [?]
[?] baby
Ain't tryna talk about no slimey sh*t, [?] snake [?] chalk
[?] get to smoking sh*t
[?] my pistol c*cked, I'm bout to blow this b*t*h
Make me turn it up [?]
Just bought me a new draco
Shoot that b*t*h like [?]
Rich as hell, on hollidays I like to sip on red
If a n***a tell on me, I bet I kill him and the feds

[Verse 2: Sauce Walka]
It's 400 in my cup, you know I don't drink cheep
Blast off [?] play with me [?] sleep
You know snakes only kill rats cause birds ain't weak
You know [?] can't kill a [?]
All that [?] and hissin really b*t*h sh*t, n***a
You did hid behind your girl and got your b*t*h hit, n***a
I run a full [?] of chopsticks, that's a [?], n***a
n***a that ain't real [?] n***a
[?] b*t*h n***a
Money don't mean sh*t, n***a

[Verse 3: Sada Baby]
I'm the man, I got bands, I got plans to get you [?]
I got them hands to get you [?] I'm that n***a that [?]
Sware I'll punch your teath out, bust it, make you bleed out
Wack a n***a bout them racks, [?]
[?] straps [?] keep buying [?]
If you tryna catch me [?]
I'm buying magazines on magazines, but not the ones you reading
I got syrup, bеans, stakes, got any drug you need

[Verse 4: Sauce Walka]
n***a p*ss me off [?]
[?] rats and snakes
I'm a country ass pimp, I [?]
n***a your daddy was a b*t*h, hе [?]
I ain't never had a job, but I be working
[?] scrimmage [?]
Me and Sada [?]
[?] problems, I just [?]
I went full throttle [?]
And I got it cause [?]

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