If I Died Tonight


[Verse: 1]
And if I die tonight how would I be remembered
As a man that disconnects from the pain that still lingers
It’s in the past now yeah that’s where I’m found
My future isn’t something that I want it passed down
I put up my walls
I keep up my guard
Growing up, everybody says they want to go far
Yeah, then their dreams aren’t enough
Yeah, they were stolen by a demon yo that demon is us
People all around me are making mistakes
But they take no blame, they said that it’s just fate
I see a smilе that’s fake
They had a full tank of gas
And then thеy slammed on the brakes
And that
Yeah, that makes me feel out of place
They call me crazy
Cause I don’t feel the need to relate
Take all that baggage
Yeah they just transfer the weight
Just cause you pawned of all your problems
Doesn’t mean your life’s great

Take a good look around
Look at the people right now
That are holding you down
Would you still be fine?
Yeah, if they weren’t around
They may not always be
Just be honest please, are you happy?
Yeah, are you happy?

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