Flow Queen lyrics

Erica Banks

I'm good on a cry baby (b*t*h)
f**king on him, he ain't my baby (On God)
Drink on this pu**y, he hydrated
I like a threesome with my lady (Huh)
He know he doing it my way (My way)
Gimme that top on the highway (Top)
f**king on Craig, it ain't Friday
Boy this the wet not the dry way (Dry way)
Green light, green light, go
I got Balenci's stepping on the floor
Baby don't tell me I could take your hoe
And throw it back, they calling me the goat
Feeding her lies
Tell me she love me
She only here to hit the f**king door
I bought the Fendi with the Fendi coat
Look at the jewelry blinging like snow (Hm)
These hoes know that I'm next
Get back, I'm straight
I don't gotta say nothing (Say nothing)
I don't even flex for the folk like that
Got a problem? Tell that hoe say something
Stunting for the folks like that
You cap, all lying
Playing with a play gun
I don't even talk too much
Don't talk too tough
Probably gon spray something (Hoe)
Long and sticky
Put up the phone when you with me
Gimme the pipe in my kidney
I'm not his wife, but I'm with it
Not from the H but they know I'm from Dallas
I'm bout the business fasho, boo what's happening?
I been the truth and your n***a be bragging
But he need to chill cause he know we ain't happen
Yeah I'm a freak and he like it
Got some of this and his mind blown
f**king all night, where the time go?
Love me the d**k and a fine hoe
On God

The motherf**king truth
The motherf**king problem
The motherf**king flow queen
Stop motherf**king playing
What's hannin'?

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