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"Rose tint"

Been a lot overcoming what I'm missing now
Understatement to say things a little different now
Glass always half full when I’m reminiscing now
Rose tinted glasses really f*ckin with my vision wow
Take em off and it's a different picture
I know you prolly view things with a filter
I know you prolly mood swing outta kilter
But the truth is I don't know, tell myself let it go
And that’s just where we're at now
Still I can't help but think about way back back back back now
I'm gone girl I know it's wrong should be moving on
Like woah
Down like dominoes
There it goes
Girl I love you led me to a better version of myself
But I hate that better version will be loved by someone else
Then again the version of the person that I seek
No longer even living only visit when I sleep

[Hook x2]
I wanna know what you thinkin now
Cuz you been f*ckin up my brain for a minute now, yea
I wanna know how you livin now
Without me is it everything you envisioned now

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