"What If The World Was Cuter"

[Verse 1: Dot]
If this trash heap had a twinkle in its little trash heap eyes
If this sewer rat had rosy cheeks
This became pint-sized
What if all the dogs were puppies and the puppies all were sad?
What if cuttlefish were cuddly and we pedicured your dad?

What if you could kiss a pigeon? (Without contracting Lyme disease)
All the chairs were beanbags made (Of soft, delicious cheese)
If this moldy bread had a smile? (That was 50 shades of green!)
What if this pirate stopped frowning? ('Cause his hеad was a jellybean!)

[Chorus: Dot]
What if, what if, what if
The world was cutеr?
What if, what if, what if
A little more kawaii?
What if, what if, what if
We all road scooters!
And we'd all have our chance to shine!

[Verse 2: Dot]
What if this red-faced man looked happy? (Oo-hoo)
And this one's rancor was more refined? (Aah!)
What if Tuck Buck was your true love? (Oo-oo)
So sweet and valentined! (So sweet and valentined!)
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