A Lot

Night Lovell

Hey CR! (Hey CR!)

[Verse 1: Night Lovell]
You is a peon, I'ma get money tonight, I am a don
Droppin' a bomb, that b*t*h need someone to lean on, someone to say she the one
This sh*t is fun, n***as just actin' tough, know that your b*t*h a sl*t
She on my nuts, huh, she want me to cuff, but I'm not made for love
This sh*t is light, huh, ayy, you lookin' fine tonight
Guess I got time tonight
Might slide tonight
That pu**y is mine tonight
Might pull up and fight tonight, might commit a crime tonight, it's wild tonight
We bringin' out sticks (b*t*h), sticks (b*t*h), might empty a clip tonight, ayy (Ha, ha)
Huh, ridin' around with the mob, duckin' the cops
Run into the opps, we sendin' shots
Package you up, put you in a box
Them n***as just talk a lot and bark a lot
Them n***as don't walk the walk
Parkin' in the parking lot, pull up to the spot
(Brr, brr) Light up the block, oh-oh-oh

[Verse 2: Lindasson]
Let's go, let's go (Woah)
Yeah, thief in the night, woah (Uh-huh), uh-huh (Woah)
Brodie p*ss out codeine, he got demons he can't show
Yeah, let's go (Yeah, huh)
Never been no hoe, no I can't go
Out sad like no sucker, why these folks believe in hope? (Yeah)
Get 'em on sight, fight, yeah
Look in my eyes, do I look scared?
Lil' brodie took flight, flight, huh
Had to get gone 'cause he did what he did
Better pick your side, side, huh
Born and raised up in the wells, we stay prepared
Let me see that bite, bite, huh
'Cause that bark don't bring me fear
Can't trust no fed, no, huh
Free up my brodie, he doin' his bid
Get it how you live, huh, woah
Nonchalant, no I can't care, yeah (Huh)
Voices in my head, yeah
Heard that boy he talk a lot
Don't tell what you done hear (Uh-huh)

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