Brantley Gilbert

"Bottoms Up"

[Verse 1]
I see you and me riding like Bonnie and Clyde
Going 95, burning down 129, yeah
Looking for the law, while I push my luck
She's riding shotgun like it ain't no thing
Turn the radio up so the girl can sing, right
Pull into the party like "y'all wassup?"

Tonight is bottoms up, up
Throw it on down
Rock this quiet, little country town, get up
Drop a tailgate on ya truck
Find a keg and fill ya cup up
Kick it on back
Pretty little mama looking at ya like that
Make ya wanna slide on in like "girl, what's up?"

Yeah, tonight is bottoms up up up
Get 'em up
Tonight is bottoms up up up
Get 'em up

[Verse 2]
Damn girl, I gotta tip my hat
Never thought a country song would make you move like that, yeah
And she's doing it in Daisy Dukes, girl
She's got ya tapping on a boy's shoulder
"Hey dog, check this out"
And that's how girl do it in the Dirty South, yeah
She'll have you on your knee "can I marry you?"
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