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Flying Lotus

"Black Balloons Challenge Mixtape Verse"

Im the gingerbread mans brother
Ain’t here for your cookie cutter coulda woulda been american idol Ruben studdard so I flutter to another other worldly place in a flux,
And I hope my weight capacity is enough to defy gravity but that all Depends on where I end up
Like a drug dealer slippin I might have to get my weight up
Damn I'm a skinny guy someone toss me a french fry or
It has been a while since I nibbled on thick thighs
Maybe I'm small because my soul ain’t being fed from these corny lines, that we are the world malarkey Archie
It makes me wanna do the opposite like taking a Prince approach Which means kryptonite must be Quincy Jones

And whether I rome or fly lo, low is high
Reprise the balloon effect so beyond when I look down I can only Hear a muffled tone like calzone and provolone in your megaphone, The villain life is a boring one, when I'm not shanking a torso
I'm at home watching Jenny Jones on a telechrome
Squidward fail hail the magic conch shell I think its best you go with the flow unless your kinda allergic to being patient then you go sell your soul
A walk of shame embarrassment whenever your feet hit concrete
A prepubescent Dorthy travel down the yellow brick road after R. Kelly p*ssed all over haze street
Calamity Ville of amity underneath the devil is bangin on latin percussions everytime you try to run away it sounds like Barney and Betty was being mobile by feet
Surviving the industry, cause your force fed coca leaf
And that is your stress relief, and how you deal with defeat
No father figure practically raised by James Avery
I went through many levels of driving myself crazy B
So I was unable to drive miss daisy every week
Before It became a thing I was quarantine before quarantine
Now to every IG model trynna trend your insanity cause your unable To see your homies cough frenemies, kill yourself
Overdose in a lobby or, try to pick up a hobby your brain is choppy, Too much spirit cooking with urine and saki, I hate this world and your Nazi Bugatti
I out the motive behind your law like Kadafi
While cycling past the haters on a tricycle like Bobby
Ahead of my time in the past I let a couple of rounds off
So in the future my question was yo who shot me, um
Built to be a leader of a tribe instead of serving like a proxy
Anything to tread for a mill like a Nordic track got me
Billson figured out how to build a Jill Scott at build a bear
Built in Belkin with underwear that vibrate on the dairere
Darius truth or dare would you let the nefarious push you down a 2 story flight of stairs for maybe 20 dollars (yeah)
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