Whistle While You Hustle
2, 1 motherfuckin - 3
Yeah I let you know
Uh uh uh uh uh?
To keep these suckas and bitches
Up out of my frame
I got that top grade hustle
And the tussle after three Im gonna fuck ya
To these suckas and these bitches
Diggy Daz bruchacha
For that mo-la
Thats daddy the cheese, thats steady the grief
Blowin and heatin it up to a million degrees
I gotta steake the steake, but I hustle with an AK
DPG and the 213
I got that "Dont Play hustle"
Everyday hustle
Bumpin in your hood i got that mixtape hustle
My money flowin lovely got that fix-rape hustle
Bicthes checkin for me got that pimp great hustle
I got that get it from dawn to its late hustle
Do it all night just like I sniff yay hustle
I'm pimp slappin bitch-n***as and flip they hustle
Double up shit I got that big wait hustle
(Snoop Dogg)
We bout to hustle my n***a you seen the new dubs?
Im tryna get my pocket full of em, yeah cub
I got the hustle that the bitches tend to love to life
You know the type to make her lovely tinderly tonight
Making money's a must, we get tha honeys and trust
If ya what if she get us honey put your hands up
And dance to the groove up, the two-step maneuver
You do what, to do her, to do what?
213 and weire all so G
Its all about the honey in the money baby
And you can, take it from me, ex-ecutively
You can get naked for me girl shake shake G
(Nate Dogg)
I knew this girl named Lisa
Lisa wants to do me, she feenin fo a threesome
Thats when she called Kesha
Tammy was a groupie, I've seen her in a movie
Tammy was a pervert, I heard it from her mother
No matter what she was I just can let that all? on my hustle
Whistle while you hustle x2
You got to whistle while you hustle
Whistle while you hustle x3
You got to whistle while you hustle
Whistle while you hustle x2
Say it with me
Whistle while you hustle
Whistle while you hustle
You got to whistle while you hustle