White wagon with the seats in the back
Yeah we show it
Got that Mercedes-Benz from ‘93
We f**king know it
And I’m swerving on the right
On the beach and I’m rolling
And I gotta get a 20 for the check
You know we going
Yeah, we crash the f**king whip
Yeah you know that b*t*h is stolen
We about to go hard off the motherf**kin’ potion
High as f**k, just smoked a blunt
You know I motherf**kin’ rolled it
Back in 2017 these b*t*hes hated when I blowed it

Whip an Altima, a Volvo, and a f**king truck
I’m going 120 on 90 and I do not give a f**k
I’m maxing out my top speed and I’m smoking on that spliff
My life be f**ked up all the time
I push thе clutch I start to shift, ayy
Riding, riding, riding, riding
Down to Hudson Circle, ayy
You think that you be hard but
You just in a f**king bubble, ayy
You isolatеd b*t*h you riding round with my damn bundle, ayy
I don’t owe you a f**king thing
Go home your mom said you in trouble, ayy
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