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"Gamers 2.0"

Ibakamuzik!!! Ibakamuzik!!!

Uhm Okay,this is just a freestyle guys
Make una keep quiet,Make this guy finish this rap
Aiit let's go

I gat my lifestyle,We all Gat our lifestyle 

Me I gat to tell you,me i’m working for the 5 star

We gat to sh¡t Sh¡t,We all gat to sh¡t sh¡t

But I’m gonna tell you,me I’m doing all the bullsh¡t
We pulling risk,My n*gga we pulling risk

I dey give them no be sey today,we just dey pull the risk..

I gat something to tell you my n*gga sey we no dey tey

So we dey this game,no be even one day
We dey make our money easily,no be sey we dey thief 

We dey do that thing,make we make money

I give you that thing,wey you dey feel am everyday

Because of we everyday,we dey talk am,no be say
I like the way them dey talk about me nowadays

Because how I’m making money,every body feel amaze

Me I give you that talk,me I no get e to pay

Oga I no get anything to pay
Because everybody dey look me like champion

I no even get their time,i’m just living my lifestyle

I gat to tell you something my n*gga,i bought a boss,I bought a boss,I bought a boss
I gat to tell you something n*gga,i sey no be today
Me I’m doing that thing no be sey we don tey
But I’m out to tell you something n*gga,i dey,I dey , I dey ​

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