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Willie Nelson

"The Makin’s Of A Song"

[Verse 1:]
Before you pack your suitcase call your mama
Up to now she's taught you all you need to know
Just look at me as kinda like your daddy
Teaching you the old rules of the road
You won't be no superstar tomorrow
You've got to take the time to pay your dues
When you start to feel at home out on the highway
You're damn sure qualified to sing the blues

Always send a big guy for the money
Don't give 'em no excuse to do you wrong
Even when you lose you're still the winner
At least you've got the making's of a song

[Verse 2:]
Don't compromise your feelings when they matter
They'll come back to haunt you don't you know
The songs you sing today you'll sing tomorrow
If you don't give up the music for the show


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