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Willie Nelson

"But Not for Me"

Old Man Sunshine, listen, you
Never tell me dreams come true
Just try it, and I'll start a riot
Beatrice Fairfax don't you dare
Ever tell me she will care
I'm certain, It's the final curtain

Don't want to hear from and cheerful Pollyannas
Who tell me love will find a way, it's all bananas

They're writing songs of love, but not for me
A lucky star's above, but not for me
With love to lead the way
I found more clouds of gray
Than any Russian play could guarantee

I was a fool to fall, and get that way
Hi ho! Alas! And also Lack a day!
Although I can't dismiss
The memory of her kiss
I guess she's not for me

It all began so well, but what an end
This is the time a fella needs a friend
When every happy plot
Ends in a marriage knot
And there's no knot for me

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