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Willie Nelson


[Verse 1]
She's like a beautiful lady with a Mona Lisa smile, Dallas
And she can charm you in her own Texas style, Dallas
Would you believe she named her airport Love
Just to symbol pf what she's got plenty of
She's a city with a mind of her own, my own Dallas

[Verse 2]
Take a ride on her Central Expressway, breeze down the LBJ
Look her over good and you'll have to say
She's the best dressed city in the USA, I love my city of soul
From Demons Lace to the Cotton Bowl
From Highland Park to Harold Square
She swings like a blonde with a millionaire

[Verse 3]
And you can bet I never stay away for very long, from Dallas
'Cause like baby misses mama on his first night from home, I miss Dallas
She's a beautiful queen with a vast domain
Who's subjects seem to thrive on everything that swings
I could tell you more but my plane's about to leave for Dallas
I could tell you more but I got to catch that plane for Dallas
There's a whole lot more but I got to catch a plane to Dallas

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