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Willie Nelson

"Reasons To Quit (2)"

[Verse 1]
Reasons to quit, smoke and booze don't do me like before
And I'm hardly ever sober and my old friends
Don't come around much anymore

[Chorus 1]
Reasons to quit the low is always lower than the high
And the reasons to quit don't outnumber all the reasons why

[Chorus 2]
So we keep smoking and we keep drinking
Having fun and never thinking
Laughing at the price tag the we paid
And we keep roaring down the fast lane
Like two young men feeling no pain
And the reasons for quitting are getting bigger each day

[Verse 2]
Reasons to quit I can't afford the habit all the time
And I need be sober I need write some new songs that will rhyme

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

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