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Tyler Cassidy


I scrape, I crawl, I bleed for this
I fight I brawl I fiend for this I feed on this
I show no signs of weaknesses, I hate the hedonist
I love nights full of sleeplessness

I call suffering my brother. I love him like my mother
We look out for each other, we'd die for one another
I fight, I brawl, I fiend for this
I scrape, I crawl, I bleed for this

[Verse 1: Tyler Cassidy]
Hearts gone, march on. Our lives are par 1
Kids learn to draw guns, before they learn to draw the sun
Emotionless, an orphanage that's full of carcasses
Where feinds score morphine, horror scenes and heartlessness

Paul-bearers carry only sons. Loved ones hang their heads
Best friends could make your bed
Turn a blind eye or catch a blind side when they drive by
Not mine they scream, not mine, then they pop 9's

Impossible, it's impossible they say
I pray to make it work but only Satan listens when I pray
I wish you well, but wishes don't come true
You could throw a brick of gold into a wishing well

I wish you well living inside of a prison cell
Cell-mates put you in checkmate and shove shanks right through your breastplate
And rest assured they won't hesitate
Until you hesitate to respirate, terrorize, suffocate


[Verse 2: Tyler Cassidy]
Sentimental will leave you mental
Cuz nowadays only the lives of the menace are monumental, bloody shirts
The spindle spins red thread into a web
Until the bodies pile up a mile up above your heads

And the webs are full of black widows
Who try and end you with their riddles. Try and keep you in the middle
Til your bones are dry and brittle
You battle, broken and lonesome, until they tear your body open

It could make you, it could break you
Prides roam the streets
Roaring lions seek and devour for power
They'll put you to sleep

His eyes on the sheep
He lies in the heat
No retreat
He loves to greet the fetus of the weak

His children tell them
Bring us something sweet
Bring us white bring us light-skinned bring us dark meat

Young boys with sharp ears
Train with steel spears
It's real here
Someone better kill for a meal here


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