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Tyler Cassidy

"The Pain"

Make the pain go away
Cuz I can't wait for tomorrow
Make the pain go away
And take away all my sorrows

[Verse 1: Tyler Cassidy]
It's something I don't understand, something I just can't explain
A super-power keeps me folding like a crane
And right before my everything is shoveled down the drain
You shelter me again and I remain without a stain

Insane, I've been that way for way too long
Cuz the pressure for success can drive a man to do wrong
A brand new being, I sing a brand new song
I feel like King Kong, K-K-K-King Kong

Cuz I'm in love with something that I know I'll never have
I walk the loneliest of paths, sunny, you don't know the half
You only see me when I laugh, but I have an Achilles
And it kills me to know that you will never know the real me

It lulls me to sleep and I don't ever wanna wake up
Not another day where I'm cakin' on this make-up
I just wanna be be blessed. I just wanna bleed less
Don't wanna live my life with all these regrets, she says


[Verse 2: Tyler Cassidy]
Cuz underneath of every single smile that I crack
There's an emptiness I have and it's always breakin' my back
The heaviness of nothingness, I don't see the fun in this
I've never smelled the roses cuz I only know what running is

I wanna know who's running this, it's time to shut the show down
Balls against the wall is the only way I know how
See how, they leave me here to die until I bleed out
Til I muster up the mother fu**ing energy to scream out

Stop now. Please don't. Please help. Dear self
This is me talkin' to me, as I near hell
The fire burns, sure as heck. 1 2 Life check
Livin' like this always makes me like life less

Tip top of the Eiffel with a rifle, it's stiflin hot
With my finger on the trigger that I might pull
Might not, who knows? Blow open a new hole
Unpredictable and crazy that's my tag-team duo


[Verse 3: Tyler Cassidy]
Cuz one day I'll explode and retire from this long life
Not another nightmare. Not another long night
Not another night of walkin' streets until the sky's bright
Not another day where I'm chasin' after the lime light

Not another day where I'm afraid I'm gonna blow up
Go nuts, walk into the bank this is a hold up
Shoot until a cop fires five into my left side
And the sherrif has to come and tell my mother, mam your son died

No I can't let it happen like that
When life throws a left hook I gotta stick it right back
I gotta learn to fight back before I read my own memorial
God already showed me and that isn't how the story goes

God already told me that I'd be a king one day
And that's the only reason I try and avoid the gun-play
The only reason I don't drive the wrong way down a one-way
Someday my life is gonna change, some day


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