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Tyler Cassidy


Wastelands, kids that only color with the gray crayon
We break bread, we break bones, we never catch a break man
This hate man, it's crazy. Stays with me on the daily
You've a better chance of catching Halley's Comet than to save me

Hold me under water I can live like this for days
It doesn't faze me anymore it's just another f*ckin page
Another mother f*ckin' way that they can set me off again
They can make the river run but they can't make the river end

Cuz there's no dam, other than my damnation
See this damn nation, I got no damn faith in
It's either food stamps, or boot camp, or deal this
Get locked up, get knocked up, restart the cycle, it's psycho

We stand inside our rooms and we stare out of our windows
Planes crash down trees fall as the wind blows
The crashing of the cymbals. We shudder and we tremble
And we wonder what it's like, cuz our lives are never simple

We wonder what it's like, when the grass replaces pavement
When everything is great where there's no hate and there's no satan
What's our fate? Don't keep me waitin', I'm carryin' this weight
And now my state of mind is waste whoever wants to leave me wasted

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